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Orlando Station Picks FL Early - and Gets a Trump Call

In Orlando, Cox Media Group’s news/talk “News 96.5” WDBO is basking in some post-election success. With assistance from Cox Media’s Washington DC Bureau’s Jaime Dupree—who has 30 years of experience monitoring elections—and the station’s news staff, WDBO accurately called the state of Florida for Trump two hours ahead of the AP and other national news outlets.

“It was a clear to us that it was statistically not possible for Hillary to win,” Drew Anderssen, WDBO’s director of Programming News, said in a news release. “I trusted my team and stood by their experience when we went on the air at midnight projecting Trump the winner.”

The station also landed one of a handful of interviews Wednesday morning with Trump, who, in part, told morning show host Joe Kelley: “You must have done good as we did well in Florida. We did a lot of work yesterday and one of them was calling you when we needed some help in Florida!”